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Random Thoughts - Entitled Much?

on Sun Apr 08, 2018 6:39 pm
Beware of the bioluminescent glow to the walls of your echo chamber.

Seriously - what's with the entitled attitude that some authors seem to cultivate? I genuinely don't understand it. Sure, it sucks when folk don't like our books, but isn't that all part of taking that step from someone who writes to someone who publishes what they write? I always figured that it was. Recently though, I can't help but observe that some other authors don't appear to agree.

It's one thing to be upset that a reviewer has left an offensive or hurtful comment. There's etiquette in reviewing too, after all. No, I mean the authors who pick apart reviews of their books, and encourage their supporters to gather round their metaphorical campfire on social media to mock whoever it was that dared to leave a less than five star review. Heck, some of them aren't even content with five stars - they want glowing feedback, and zero criticism. Anything less than this is deemed unfair.

But readers are people too - how many times have I pointed this out recently? Too many. It's actually getting kind of sad.

I don't bother reviewing these days. So I fall into that other despised group of readers - those who don't review. Hey, the last time I checked, it wasn't mandatory. You already got the royalty payment, demanding a glowing five star review as well just seems...entitled. Quit being so grabby. While you're at it, stop poking fun at the people who are still willing to review. The best thing that any of them can give us as authors is their honest feedback. We need to know when we're wrong.

Alas, the ever positive echo chamber of loyal supporters just looks prettier by default - too bad that the glittery bits on the walls of the metaphorical cavern are giving off toxic spores.
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