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Booklist - The Legend of Graymyrh

on Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:56 pm
The Legend of Graymyrh (Epic High Fantasy/Romantic Adventure)

Set in a richly envisioned world of deconstructed myth and sentient magic, these serial novellas depict the life and times of Kaiwan – the long prophesised Shield of Ryln – as she progresses to adulthood amid the turmoil of war and daemonic incursion...

Book One: Blood and Ashes Paperback and Kindle editions:

When the doomed world of Kaseden falls to the Vor'Barysk, the survivors flee by sylth to Graymyrh. All too soon, they discover that the terrifying evil which destroyed their world is still not sated. It seeks to eradicate all life, everywhere. Only Kaiwan, the fabled Ca'Ryln can stop it. But will she even survive long enough to fulfil her destiny?

Book Two: A Deadly Dance Paperback and Kindle editions:

The sole hope of the world is missing, and the restless dead are rallying to arms. Lady Naomi of Briersburge and her eclectic retinue find themselves hard pressed to defend their new home. Can they resolve their differences long enough to win the day?

Book Three: The Sun King and the Sorceress Paperback and Kindle editions:

The assorted would be champions of Graymyrh have scattered to the four winds. Whilst Hugo Khuff seeks his fortune as a mercenary in Anyosia, Kaiwan rides west to her mother’s homeland, in the company of Efrym Bandhir. Meanwhile, Lady Naomi stands firm against the might of the sylvanthi army. But who will pay the price for such courage?

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